Fun and Colourful Eco-Friendly Packing and Filler Material

Customize with colour and help the planet.

Eco-Friendly Twirls Packing and Filler Material

Twirls use the ENDS of recycled Paper Rolls that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. The paper is TWISTED and CUT to form an eco-friendly filler that replaces plastics.

The harder Twirls are pushed, the harder they push back, leveraging the natural tensile strength of wood fibres. This protects fragile valuables in packaging, greatly reducing product loss or damage. Like a nest, they lock together to gently hold an item in the center of the packing material.

Eliminating harmful polystyrene products that pollute our land and seas is essential. Doing so with a stronger, safer and cheaper fill is a major win.

Eco-packaging has never been more beautiful!

Works better, looks better and costs less than plastics and polystyrene.

Any colour, any combination: Get the right mix for your brand with attractive and eco-friendly packing material.


electricity for electronics




Durable and versatile.


Let your Twists live again!


and returns to the original shape

Locks in Place

Reduces Shifting


Protect fragile items


Supports heavy items

Frequently Asked Questions


Most packing peanuts are made from a material called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Plastic Foam, commonly referred to as “Styrofoam”. EPS is a material that takes between 500 & 1,000,000 years to biodegrade, and 2.3 million tons of it ends up in our landfills per year. 30% of landfill space worldwide is occupied by EPS, a large part of this is because only 1% of all plastic foam is currently recycled due to costs & the condition of the foam (can’t be recycled if it isn’t very clean). Packing peanuts are very lightweight and are easily blown into nearby bodies of water and nature where it will exist “forever”.

Currently 40% of all plastic products is packaging, used just one and then discarded. If we could reduce the amount of plastic foam being used as filler by switching to Twirls we could make a massive dent in the 14 million US tons of polystyrene produced each year.

Twirls are made from recycled paper, and are recyclable themselves. When left outside Twirls will biodegrade within 2-5 months, and if blown into water Twirls will decompose within 30 days. The difference in the effects of wildlife eating Plastic Foam vs Paper is monumental with Paper causing far fewer casualties.


From heavy industrial to light and delicate applications Twirls are much denser than conventional plastic, foam and air pillows. Twirls do not deteriorate or deflate and can be reused multiple times or discarded with no environmental impact.

Made from recycled Kraft paper, Twirls’ unique twisted shape interlock to form a protective barrier against migration and shock.

Using Twirls saves time and money. You don’t need to wrap objects with extra filler like bubble wrap as Twirls work just fine without it. Your customers will appreciate that your company is part of the wave to embrace protecting the environment as part of your corporate social responsibility. Ship and forget about damage in transit or disposal issues at the destination point that may inconvenience your customers.

Yes, special equipment is not needed or long-term service contract required. Ideal for seasonal and low volume businesses that want professional results without overspending. Using Twirls reduces labour and preparation time as a little goes a long way filling voids and areas in need of extra bracing.

Create packing material as you need it!

Our Green Machine is easy to integrate into your existing line. Contact us for more information on buying or leasing a Green Machine!

Twirls are colourful Twists!

Filled with twists - Made from 100% recycled paper.